Monday, October 8, 2012

Cochon Butcher

New Orleans, Louisiana

There comes a time where everyone should take in a deep breath, and enjoy a deliciously prepared sandwich with some excellent choices of meat. When you first walk in the doors of Cochon Butcher, you are immediately lifted to the high heavens with the aroma of... well... meat. Once you get back down to reality, you realize that you have to order something, and maybe everything.

Here, I decided to go with everyone's guiltiest pleasure... bacon. This is their Buck Board Bacon Melt. It comes with a copious amount of deliciously smoky sliced bacon, collard greens, swiss cheese and pickled pepper aioli. The bread comes nicely buttered and pressed to make a delicious sandwich. It also comes with a side of their potato chips, and sliced pickles.

You certainly get a mouthful of bacon in every bite, just like how all great sandwiches should be. Very rich and full with smoky flavor. The pepper aioli pairs really well with it. They also have a couple hot sauces that go with the sandwich pretty well too, if you're into that kind of thing. The sweet potato habanero sauce was my favorite, sweet and a big spicy kick at the end.

My friend ordered the BBQ Pork sandwich, because she's a huge fan of the Carolina style. Carolina style BBQ is more geared towards the vinegary flavor, so it has a clean bite to it. It came topped with coleslaw on a big fluffy bun. It too came with a side of their chips and sweet buttery pickle slices.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience a ton and definitely plan on coming back again. Beware that seating is pretty limited. We came at a very arbitrary hour and it was still very, very busy.

Cochon Butcher - 930 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

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