Monday, November 26, 2012

Willie Mae's Scotch House

New Orleans, Louisiana

In the heart of Treme rests a little restaurant known as Willie Mae's Scotch House, and they're known for their ever so famous fried chicken. Some even may say that it's hands down the best fried chicken that they've ever had. And this was my chance to finally get my hands on some.

For about 10 dollars you can get enough food to feed two people. A standard order of chicken comes with one large breast, a wing and a drumstick. It also comes with a side of your choice. I got an order of their fried chicken and a side of their red beans and rice. My friend did the same but with the white beans and rice instead.

When I took my first bite into the chicken, I couldn't believe how juicy it was. The skin was extra crispy and sealed in all the seasoning. The main difference between Willie Mae's fried chicken and anywhere else is their cooking method. They use a secret wet batter and fry it around 20 minutes. So, it takes a while for it to come out.

When peeling back the fried deliciousness, you can see the coat of seasoning around the outside of the meat, making each bite just as good as the next. Both the red beans and white beans and rice were about as they could be. We also somehow found room for a little bit of dessert and got their bread pudding. This too was very well done and added a sweet highlight to the end of our meal.

The chicken was the star of this show and was worth every penny spent. The service was a bit lackadaisical though, but yet again the chicken didn't make us care too much about that either. Now I know why food programs on the Food Channel and Travel Channel keep coming back here. So, if you haven't yet, take the trip out to Treme and eat the best fried chicken you'll ever get your hands on.

Willie Mae's Scotch House - 2401 Saint Ann Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. Good to hear someone else found Willie Mae's. Having walked there several times from the French Quarter, it's well worth it, despite the somewhat rough neighborhood. The chicken is transcendent.