Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chicken 'N Waffles (GoYaYa's Crepes)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I told y'all that I'd go back for GoYaYa's Crepes Waffle Wednesday special didn't I? I did. And it was everything I hoped for. It has been a couple of weeks now that I have been craving a good waffle. My hopes were dashed one night when I went to Louie's Cafe, only to hear that their waffle iron was broken! To follow that up, I went to GoYaYa's too early for their special a few days later. Well, there I went again. 11AM on the dot to make sure I got what I have been craving. (they sold out last week)

I'm not positive if they have the same combo of flavor of chicken/waffle every week, but it was a repeat from before. Fried chicken on a smoked Gouda waffle with a honey jalapeno garlic sauce, garnished with scallions was the order. Doesn't the picture look glorious?!

First, the fried chicken. Sadly, they can't fry the chicken on site because they operate in a little nook inside the Main Street Market. So, you might want to get there earlier than late, just in case they start cooling off. When you order, you get the option of having white or dark meat. I always get dark meat if there's a chance, it's usually juicier and has more flavor. They gave me a fried thigh and drumstick. Judging by the coloring of the batter, it looked slightly over done. It definitely didn't taste like it though, I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted completely normal. 

The sauce was unbelievably good, and it worked in more ways than one. It added a sweet and sour taste but with a kick of heat from the jalapenos in it. Garlic, chilies and honey can make a ridiculously good Asian flavored sauce, this is kind of what I got from it. The reason why I said it worked in more ways that one is that it drips onto the waffle and serves as a syrup. It was sweet enough to act the part. 

The waffle was light and fluffy about as much as one could be. I couldn't get the taste of the smoked Gouda from it though, if I were blindfolded I probably couldn't taste the difference after eating the chicken. Overall, I was happier than a kid on Christmas morning that I finally got a hold of a decent waffle.

Two thumbs up to GoYaYa's for having Waffle Wednedays!

GoYaYa's Crepes - 501 Main Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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