Friday, July 20, 2012

Surrey's Uptown

New Orleans, Louisiana

On the historic Magazine Street of New Orleans is an incredible full service restaurant in the Lower Garden District. This is Surrey's Uptown. My friends and I decided to come here for breakfast after a night out, and it surely did the trick. The outside is covered by a gigantic oak tree and there awaits the hostess that takes a famous actor/actress' name to save your seats. Inside is very homey, and reflects the housing style of uptown New Orleans, "To a T."

We had to wait a little while because the weather wasn't very cooperative. The seating outside eventually got shut down.

We were all practically starving so we didn't hold back on the amount of food to order. One of my friends ordered the Gaucho Sandwich, this bad boy came with a sausage patty, eggs, tomato inside two pieces of toast. The kicker to this great sandwich was the delicious chimichurri sauce that comes with it. The sauce highlighted the entire thing. Even though this breakfast sandwich came with sausage, it wasn't very heavy, and it allowed you to devour the delicious hash browns that come on the side. My buddy is obsessed with Crystal sauce (as you can see) What I love about this place is that they have Crystal, Louisiana and Tabasco hot sauces at every table. And the debate for which is best will forever continue...

A huge upside to Surrey's Uptown has to go be their ability to make delicious food for all customers. They are both vegetarian and vegan friendly! My little Indian friend opted to go with a spinach and cheese sandwich that also came with tofu and tomato. I tried it and it was actually pretty good. There were small hints of basil in the spinach mixture which was delightful, and the pieces of foccacia bread that they used for it was delicious. In fact, they make ALL of their biscuits, foccacia and bagels in house from scratch.

Even though the veggie sandwich was pretty good, there is no way that I can complete a breakfast meal without some form of meat. And Surrey's chicken biscuit was my answer.

Look at this masterpiece! I'm pretty sure that the chicken was fried in a cornmeal batter and it was very juicy too. The sheer size of this thing probably would've been enough for anyone, but the homemade biscuit made it so much better. The chicken was topped with a sausage gravy and cheddar cheese. You also get the option of adding two eggs, so I did that. One of them also had two yolks. Lucky me! And, I got the side of their delicious hash browns. They were seasoned very well and crispy at that. Overall, an excellent meal.

I highly recommend this place to all eaters. They have great food and very friendly waitstaff.

*Note* Cash Only

Surrey's Uptown - 4807 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

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