Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fat Hen Grocery

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New Orleans, Louisiana
It's breakfast time on St. Charles and I was pleasantly introduced to Fat Hen Grocery. Immediately after parking my car across the street car tracks, I catch the aroma of cooked bacon in the air. If anyone is a fan of bacon... which many of us are, you'll probably enjoy their food.

I started off with a glass of their fresh squeezed orange juice and the recommended appetizer of the Billionaire's Bacon. Thick cut bacon drizzled with praline sauce. Well in my case it was covered, not drizzled but still AMAZING. If you're a fan of candied bacon, this is to die for. The combination of sweet and salty and the pecan garnish creates a great flavor. It's also probably the thickest cut of bacon I've ever consumed so they don't cheapen it there.

Here is their Breakfast Fried Rice, it comes with 2 eggs any style, jasmine rice, ham, mushrooms, English peas, topped with green onions and sesame seeds. I knew that it would be a play on just normal fried rice, but surprisingly found it with more Oriental style than I expected. It was okay, I caught a lot of ginger seasoning in it which pretty much overpowered the flavor of everything else for me.

This is an order of one of their pancakes. One single pancake turns out to be the size of a tire and about 3/4 of an inch thick. We asked to cook it with bacon inside, we caught an awkward look from our waitress but she came through and they actually did it.

One item that caught my mind was the Duck Hash & Eggs. It comes with 2 eggs sunny side up on top of hash browns with ShaneMade duck bacon, asparagus, roasted tomatoes, truffle vinaigrette, and your choice of either toast or one of their homemade biscuits. I had no idea what they meant by duck bacon, but any kind of bacon is good with me. It turned out to be slices of duck with a trim of fat on top, making it appear to look like bacon, quite delicious if you ask me. They certainly know how to cook eggs and the pairing of ingredients were pretty nice. I would have liked a little more crispiness to my potatoes though.

The homemade biscuit was really good too, they serve them with their homemade spread as well. Overall I had an enjoyable experience here. The atmosphere is pretty unique, they have stool seating on a bar, tables, and booths on the side. They catch a lot of flack for terrible service but we had a really good waitress. It was early in the day though and not very busy. This place did eventually get slammed as we were finishing. Another good thing is that they allow you to bring your own bottles of champagne. With their fresh squeezed orange juice, it made for some awesome mimosas.

Fat Hen Grocery - 7457 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. let's get billionaire bacon this weekend!!!
    PS are you going to change the name of your blog, or is it forever olive street?