Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crabby Jack's

New Orleans, Louisiana

You're in New Orleans for some Cajun/Creole influenced food, sure you are. But, it's not the etouffee or gumbo that reigns supreme. In this city, it's all about the Po'boy, and the Po'boy will always be king. I haven't tried every place that sells them... yet... but I can tell you that this place is DEFINITELY worth stopping by.

Crabby Jack's doesn't sell just Po'boys, they range from seafood specials such as blackened fish with hollandaise, fried green tomato salad, fried chicken and sides that cover all bases (jambalaya, mac & cheese, potato salad and slaw). I haven't explored much into their full menu, but I would assume it's good. After all, they do belong to the same owner that owns the famous restaurant, Jacques-Imo's on Oak Street.

I ordered both the Calamari and Cochon de Lait Po'boys. And you can order them to be fully dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo.

So, for the calamari, it was fried really well. Definitely not over cooked because they can end up hard as rocks if they're fried for too long. I can't say much other than that it was really fresh, and delicious. I added some Crystal hot sauce on it for an additional kick. (As listed on their menu, these things really are overstuffed)

The cochon de lait on the other hand, needed nothing. It had a good amount of spice to it which was pleasant. The sauce was delicious and the meat was so tender that you have no problem shredding through it with your teeth. This does get a little sloppy but, who cares when you're dealing with something that tastes THIS good.

The bread that they use is also a very good find. The crust is firm enough to not fall apart and the inside is so soft that it could be mistaken for a pillow. I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere, the food, and the people that take your order shows what New Orleans is all about. Making new friends and eating delicious food!

Their hours are limited from a lunch time to an early dinner.

Crabby Jack's - 428 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, Louisiana

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