Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Burgers and seafood? Yeah sure, why not?

I had a friend craving some white beans and rice when she rolled into town, and this was the spot she mentioned. New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co., an establishment with nine locations around the New Orleans area. We dined in at  the St. Charles location, which is a block down and across the street from Superior Seafood.

Well, I'll go ahead and get into the meal. We started off by ordering the Oysters Saint Rock. It's a fried oyster served in a half shell on top of creamed spinach, pepperjack cheese and a Tabasco hollandaise. Not the conventional way to serve oysters, but I must say that it was pretty damn good. The creamed spinach was maybe a little bit on the dry side but the Tabasco hollandaise made it out to be pretty nice.

Considering that this place has the word "hamburger" in their name, I figured that I couldn't really go wrong by ordering one. I went with The Grand Parade. It comes with apple smoked bacon, bleu cheese, red onion and bbq sauce. Every burger also comes with their garlic herb fries.

First, I tried one of their fries. Just based on it's physical appearance and the smell, I figured they'd be ridiculously good. Unfortunately, this garlic butter and herb dressing they put on it was a little over the top. The flavor was good, but made the fries unbelievably heavy. There was actually so much of it that it made some of the fries on the bottom rather soggy, and also crept onto my hamburger bun. So heavy that I couldn't finish them all.

The hamburger on appearance again looked pretty tasty. The bun by itself made it look pretty delicious. The actual hamburger patty didn't hold much flavor at all, poorly seasoned. The toppings were pretty much the only thing saving this guy. The bacon was cooked well though. Pretty disappointed,  I would have to say.

What they seem to pride themselves on is their thin cut catfish, which comes along with the order of white beans and rice.

I tried my friend's white beans and rice first and it was loaded with a smoky flavor. I found it to be pretty appetizing, but if you're not partial to smoky flavors, I'd probably stay away from it. The thin cut catfish on the other hand was delicious! The batter made it very crispy and it was seasoned pretty well. I could probably eat a few plates of it by itself.

One pleasant surprise is the unlimited soft serve ice cream cones you can get! Our waitress told us about it at the end of our meal. The waitstaff was friendly, and the environment was pretty much like a normal sports bar. Overall, my experience here was fairly average.

New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co. - 4141 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

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