Thursday, August 9, 2012

Louie's Cafe

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You think "open 24 hours a day," and probably think of Waffle House and IHOP. If you're around the north gates of the LSU campus, save yourself the trouble of deciding on the two commercial places and hit up Louie's Cafe! Known for their awesome hashbrowns and hamburgers, this place has been serving up hangover cures and breakfast feasts to Baton Rougians and LSU students since 1941. One of the best things about this place is that you can order anything on their menu at any time of the day. A perfect place to get your "brinner"(breakfast at dinner time) on.

I decided to get Combo  #3, which comes with a waffle or pancakes, two eggs cooked any way, and your choice of bacon, links, patty or ham. I'm always a waffle man, but unfortunately their waffle iron was broken that night, so I had to settle for pancakes. I chose the bacon and ordered my eggs over easy. Everything is delicious. You can't really go wrong with this combo, the only thing missing was an order of their delicious hashbrowns.

My friend and I decided to split an order of their Pepper Jack Hashbrowns. It's Louie's hashbrowns, that always comes cooked with onions and other spices, but topped with jalapenos and melted pepper jack cheese. These are my favorite because I enjoy the heat, but you can get them in tons of different ways (chili/cheese, sausage/cheese, or with mushrooms, colby and sour cream).

This place can fix any hunger need at any time of the day, what else more could you ask for? Only downer is that their delicious biscuits are only served from 6AM-11AM.

Other than that, swing by, grab a seat on the old school stools and enjoy some history.

Louie's Cafe - 206 West State Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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